Your New Lunch Spot in Roswell - Le Bistro at Roswell Provisions

Whenever family or friends come into town to visit, I find myself scurrying around to plan a memorable lunch or dinner spot in my neighborhood.
Usually, I pick my go-to places - the spots where I love dine regularly. Sometimes though, it's a fun opportunity to try a new restaurant that's been on my "wanna-check-it-out" list. It makes me a little nervous though - cause I just hope it doesn't turn out to be sucky.
My mom was here last weekend and I found the perfect spot to take her to lunch in Roswell, GA.
And it wasn't sucky. It was such a sweet surprise.  
Le Bistro at Roswell Provisions.

Roswell Provisions is in downtown Roswell, off Canton Street. It is a European-styled market, with wine, domestic and international cheeses, charcuterie, pastries, an espresso bar and tons more. You can casually drop in to purchase a loaf of bread and some locally made cheese {they support many local producers}, sit down and enjoy a cappuccino or gelato, or head upstairs for lunch or dinner at Le Bistro.

You wind up the staircase of Le Bistro and arrive into a warm and cozy French tavern. There is one main dining room, but also an array of small, intimate separate dining spaces. It feels spacious and elegant, but rustic and easy at the same time. I took a peek around and also spotted one small room with a beautiful, long wooden table and dim lighting - it would be charming for a private party.
Big fluffy pillows, dark wood, and crisp linens make the restaurant so inviting. Basically, I just want to hang out here all day, eat baguettes and gooey cheese, and drink some wine.

We sat outside on the covered balcony, which overlooks Canton Street and is sheltered by neighboring trees. All I can say is that dining here was a great experience from start to finish. Our server had that je ne sais quoi.....she was very calm, attentive, knowledgeable. The menu took me back. It's been years since I've been to France and I loved seeing familiar French specialties like Croque Madame and Monsieur, crepes, quiche Lorraine, and Salade Nicoise on there.

Mom decided on La Salade de Poulet {chicken salad on a baguette served with green salad and toast with olive tapenade}. 
Thumbs up all the way.

I got the Le Parisien Jambon Beurre {ham, gherkins, and sweet butter on baguette served with ratatouille}.
Loved it!

Jay picked my 2nd choice (he always asks me what my second choice would be - such a good guy!), Clafoutis Provencal (like a crustless quiche with egg, goat cheese, tomato, chives and zucchini with cream of spinach soup). It was delicious.

Le Bistro is open everyday for lunch and on Saturday evenings for dinner. I am already planning my next trip back and will definitely be diving into dessert.With a dessert menu as big as the lunch menu, you know this is my kind of place. Crepes, creme brulee, apple tart, profiteroles, macaron, chocolate mousse....heaven.


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