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Dreaming of Flan

It's been a while, I know. I can give you all sorts of excuses about where I've been....I could even come up with some colorful and fantastic stories. Nah....
Truth is, the holidays were crazy busy at work and when I had time off the last few months, I just wanted to sit by the fireplace, warm my toes, and catch up on The Crown.
As much as I relish writing for Happily Edible After, I needed some time away from it to wonder and reconnect with myself. To cook and bake for the sheer, quiet pleasure of it...without feeling like it all has to be somehow documented, photographed, or shared. 
Life is so busy and we feel pulled in so many directions. What a gift to listen, really listen to the murmurs of our heart...our own inner landscape. I'm looking forward to doing more of this in the new year.....not to spend time away from the blog necessarily...but to allow for space and room for creative my juices to flow.

It's been really cold here in Atlanta and I've been tryin…

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