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My first experience juicing was over 10 years ago, when I helped to cater an ayurvedic yoga retreat. Every morning we served up fresh juices with lots of apples, carrots, and ginger. It was definitely a lot of work to juice for 10-12 people every morning {looked like we cleaned out the entire produce section of the grocery!}, but the results were so alive, so fresh and delicious.
Then I saw the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead not too long ago...have you seen this one? I mean, talk about inspiring.
While I like to think I get plenty of fruit and veggie servings during the day, some days I realistically don't, and green juices are an amazing supplement.
I was delighted to receive a sampling of Daily Greens juices to try out and the Daily Greens 4-Day Cleanse cookbook recently. While I love my green smoothies, I'm never quite sure about green juices and if I am going to like them. Honestly, my smoothies usually lean towards being fruit heavy while green juices seem to be more green heavy. Which is good....just something for my taste buds to get used to!

Shauna Martin developed the Daily Greens juices after battling breast cancer at the young age of thirty-three. After going through the tough road of surgeries and chemo, she attributes her recovery to a healthy lifestyle and incorporating daily green juice into her diet.
Her line of green juices are cold-pressed and organic and include six pounds {yes, can you believe it!} of fresh fruits and veggies in every bottle. A portion of sales from her drinks goes to organizations that support young women dealing with breast cancer. Awesomeness.

Here's the scoop on what I tasted:

Daily Greens Renew - This was the first juice I had. At first, I wasn't sure about the slight peppery, bitterness from the dandelion greens. But, as I continued to drink it, it grew on me. The mint, watermelon, and lime seemed to round and smooth it out. By the end of the bottle, I was thinking I would definitely buy this one.
{Mint, spinach, cucumber, watermelon, dandelion, pineapple, celery, lime, himalayan pink salt}
Daily Greens Elevate - Hands down, my favorite of the three. Slightly sweeter with the addition of pear, I really enjoyed this one. And the vanilla in there? So good.
{Pear, spinach, watercress, cucumber, lime, and madagascar vanilla}
Daily Greens Purity -  Ok, this is a juice for serious green juicers. Definitely like a salad in a glass, with the kale, parsley, broccoli, and celery. I'm not a huge celery fan and that was the taste that stood out to me the most. Not my favorite, but I think my celery-loving friend Samantha would be all over this one.
{Kale, parsley, broccoli, cucumber, celery, lemon, and basil}

Now for the Daily Greens 4-Day Cleanse book:

First off, this is really a beautiful book. With lovely photos of fresh, vibrant juices and raw food recipes, this book started off on a high note for me. If you are intimidated by the idea of what it takes to juice {hello, that's me}, Shauna really makes the whole idea approachable here. 
The premise that she suggests is to re-boot  your health by doing a 4-day cleanse with fresh juices and raw food dishes. There are over 70 recipes in the book and she gives you a different cleanse plan for each season. Wandering through the book, I found delicious looking recipes for things like Sweet Nori Wrap, Glowing Skin Smoothie, Blood Orange and Pomegranate Endive Cups, Gazpacho, Raw Guacamole Tacos, and much more. 
Shauna includes a juice and food shopping list at the beginning of each seasonal cleanse as well as a post-cleanse chapter on maintenance.

Hmmm......maybe it's time to consider getting my own juicer. Anyone have any suggestions?

Disclosure: The Daily Greens juices and Daily Greens 4-Day Cleanse book were complimentary, but the opinions expressed herein are genuine and unsolicited.


  1. I enjoyed all of these. The three flavors were a good mix, a good variety. I would say that with these drinks the excuse of eating fast-food because it's fast is out the window. These drinks are like a meal in a bottle- healthy, quick, filling, and tasty.

    I say tasty- some more than others but the others were still very interesting, they just taste "healthy" and that feels good. I can trade sweetness for functionality sometimes....more often now.

  2. Let me tell you, I have only been drinking Green supplements for a week and already I've felt massive results. Though it doesn't taste great by any means, but the effects are really great.


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