Chicken Slaw with Feta and Citrus

I totally snagged the idea for this super easy and delish meal from one of my favorite casual restaurants, Zoe's Kitchen. Jay and I like to hit up Zoe's when we are out running errands or after working out, and when don't want to spend lots of $$$ to eat out. They have a Mediterranean vibe with some healthier options. Jay always gets chicken kabobs and this dish has become my new go-to.
They call it the "power protein plate". Basically it's a feta cabbage slaw with chicken and caramelized onions. Are you drooling yet?? 
Last time we went to Zoe's I told Jay, "I'm so making this at home myself". Here it is!

To make this dish snappy, I skipped out on caramelizing the onions {sad, because I do so love them...but they aren't something to make when you are in a dinner rush}. I threw in some oranges and a few other whims. Ta-dah. Delish summer food.

Chicken Slaw with Feta and Citrus
Serves 4

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Lucky 7 seasoning 
Salt, pepper
Canola or olive oil spray

Green cabbage, 1/2 head, sliced thin or shredded
Kale {I used Lacinato}, sliced thin
Red onion, small, 1/2, sliced very thin
Red bell pepper, 1/2, sliced thin
1-2 oranges, sectioned and chunked, seeds removed
Feta cheese crumbles, 1/2 cup or so
Gomasio {black and tan sesame seeds with sea salt}

{Warning: I did not measure ingredients carefully....use amounts that taste good to you. I used a small amount of dressing on the slaw overall to keep it on the lighter side.}

Grape seed or olive oil
Fresh lime juice
Rice or apple cider vinegar
Cumin, ground
Lucky 7 seasoning
Salt, pepper

Heat a medium non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. Season chicken breasts with Lucky 7 {or your favorite spice blend} and salt and pepper. Spray skillet lightly with cooking spray and cook chicken until completely cooked. Remove from pan and set aside to cool.
Prepare dressing by whisking together all the ingredients. Taste and adjust as needed with more acid, oil, or spices. 
Mix together cabbage, kale, red onion, and orange pieces. Add some dressing and toss to coat. 
Slice cooked, chicken breasts into smaller pieces and add to the slaw.
Plate chicken slaw and sprinkle with gomasio and feta crumbles.
Summertime easy dining on a plate.


  1. Looks yummy. I am also rather fond of that cross stitched tablecloth. Your photography is always so good that I end up thinking it is time to head to the kitchen.


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