Jay's Tater Tot Hash Brown Waffles

This happened. Oh yes it did. And I gotta give the hubs all the props here.
So, let's talk about how this golden, crispy bit of heaven happened.

Last weekend, Jay and I went to a crafting party at our friend Bonnie's house. We made fun, handmade soy candles {thanks Katie for the inspiration and teaching!}
In case you are wondering....yes, Jay was the only guy there. He is always game for doing anything artsy and well.....hanging out with a bunch of fabulous ladies is just a bonus. I love that about him.

During the party, Sarah happened to mention making hash browns with tater tots on her waffle iron. 
Oh boy....I didn't even have to glance at Jay and I knew his face was lit up like a Christmas tree. 
This news may have become the highlight of his day and his whole reason for showing up at this party.
Let's just say Jay loves tater tots A LOT!

So now Jay was a man on a tater tot hash brown mission. He quickly hit up a buy-one-get-one tater tot sale at the grocery and we were in business.
Let me just confirm two things....
These were scary good and it was oddly satisfying to smash the tots into shape on the waffle iron. 
Kids would so love doing this too {aren't we all kids at heart?}.

So, you really don't need a recipe for making this little gem. You just grab some frozen tater tots and thaw them in the microwave. Put them on the hot, lightly greased waffle iron and close it, smashing the tots down. Cook for about 7-8 minutes or until golden brown. Sprinkle with salt to taste and copious amounts of ketchup.
{Warning: these are so tasty you might want to make them daily. Your waistline may not like that.}
Thank you Sarah for the tater tot inspiration.....they were delish and made my husband a very happy man. You rock!


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